Low Vision Aids & Contact Lens

Synergy Visitech Eye Centre is a tertiary level eye facility where we receive many patients with advanced level of eye vision damage. Unfortunately some of these cases can not improve the vision despite the best possible treatment.

We offer some hope to even these patients by providing these desperate patients some means to be able to see and perform the daily activities. These specialized Low Vision Aids of very high optical quality are specialized optical devices which help these patients maximize their vision potential. A very detailed trial is given to these patients in a peaceful conducive environment by our experienced optometrist, to best finalise the suitable Low Vision Aid (LVA) device and after this the custom made device is procured for the patient and delivered. The smile that we get to see on the faces of these patients who are otherwise unable to perform their day to day activities is immensely satisfying.

We also have a dedicated Contact Lens Clinic that is supervised by our Cornea Specialist Doctor. Specialised contact lenses for diseases like Keratoconus are also prescribed and provided to the patients.