Keeping our Patients, Staff and Doctors safe during the times of Covid 19
As a part of extra safety precautions to control the spread of Corona Virus infections, the following Safety Measures are being followed:

Visitech Eye Centre

Temperature Screening

Visitech Eye Centre

Hand Washing Facility at Entry Gate

Visitech Eye Centre

Automated No-Touch Sanitiser Dispenser
at Entry Level and Other Floors

Visitech Eye Centre

Minimising crowds and Practicing Social Distancing

Visitech Eye Centre
Visitech Eye Centre
Visitech Eye Centre
Visitech Eye Centre

Adequate PPE protection for doctors and staff with innovative barrier shields

Patient Instructions
Checklist before coming to Centre:

  1. Photo ID (Aadhar Card) and activated Aarogya Setu App ( on mobile of Patient and Attendant.
    Send photo of Aadhar Card and screen shot of Aarogya Setu App status for both patient and attendant by WhatsApp (+91-7291991102) while booking appointment.
  2. Masks (without valves/vent) covering mouth and nose properly for Patient and Attendant
  3. Confirmed Appointment and Punctuality
  4. Phone (WhatsApp) consultation (+91-8860085491) with doctor before coming, and follow special instructions (like for dilatation) given by the doctor
  5. Your own water bottles if required

If you Fail to follow any of these instructions, you may be denied entry
These steps are necessary for your own safety and the safety of others.

  1. Be totally honest if you have symptoms like Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Difficulty in breathing, history of Corona virus infection or contact with someone with Corona infection (Covid), or history to travel in last 4 weeks. Hiding such information may have legal consequences as well.
  2. Be punctual and reach on time so that we can avoid crowding
  3. Please come without any attendant or maximum one attendant
  4. If you need dilatation, you may be asked to buy a fresh dilating drop
  5. Keep the mask on, properly covering your face and nose all the time
  6. At entry gate, your temperature shall be checked, and you would have to wash hands with soap and water and to use sanitiser provided
  7. You are requested not to talk to the doctor during the examination.
  8. For your own safety, you must avoid touching any object, door, railing or other objects as far as possible. Use of lift should also be avoided
  9. We would request you to use the dustbins provided to properly dispose off your used tissue papers
  10. Please follow the social distancing guidelines for your own safety
  11. Our staff would be there to guide and help you at every stage. Please co-operate with the staff and follow their instructions for smooth functioning and everyone's safety

We understand that these changes would cause some inconvenience to the patients, doctors and staff. But these are necessary for the safety of our patients and staff and therefore we would follow them very strictly. Look forward to your co-operation.
Together we shall all come out stronger.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Warm Regards
Dr. Vinay Garodia
Synergy Visitech Eye Centre

Safety Protocol Video